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No Fee Apartments

The largest selection of Manhattan no fee apartments and Brooklyn no fee apartments. You can also browse a list of no fee buildings that aren't advertised anywhere.

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Move-In Costs

How much money do you have to lay down to get the key? We break down all the rental move-in costs and even show you the effect of the broker's fee on your monthly rent. Wouldn't you like to know if you can afford the place up front?

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Renter Reviews

Get inside tips about rental agents, landlords, buildings and more with reviews from real renters like you.

Comprehensive Building Research
Our building & landlord reports put you in control.

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Building Violations

A lot of NYC landlords neglect their buildings. Know what's going on in and around yours.

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Landlords must disclose bedbug infestations in the last year, but Apartable goes back even further.

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Rodents & Mice

Nobody wants to be forced to adopt unwelcome pets.

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Other Problems

Leaks, lack of heat & hot water, failure to make repairs and other things to watch out for.