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Idan believes that in today's world, using the right technology & combining them together, can turn any apartment hunt into a fun, easy, and user-friendly experience for his clients. Idan understands the nature of the relationships in its most perfect form, "We work as a Team.” Idan will give you the perfect navigation tools to make the best educated decision for your new home. With sharp communication, negotiation skills, and valuable organization he will save and cut your time that is surely one of those things that nothing can buy us back. He will make sure you are able to evaluate the situation, "knowing when to act fast in our fast traffic market is absolutely necessary, you must be prepared." Idan is very honest, reliable and always meets his deadlines. Idan first became interested in real estate from his personal experiences in life. "Understanding the side of your clients is the key for a successful business, in every field." By relocating himself and dealing with various markets as a client many times before, he fully covers and understands all angles when it comes to dealing with real estate from the side of the client. Idan says that for him it's the perfect job. He loves what he's doing and is passionate about it. "The dynamics of the market, the differences between every building, and the growth and changes of our neighborhoods. Also making sure everything is done in the right professional manner for my clients best interests, keeps me driven on a high-gear all the time & that's what balances me out

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Idan 5

Idan has been a great agent that stood by me through my first apartment purchase. We worked together from my initial interest to closing. He was ready to help with anything I needed throughout the process and careful to consider all my guidelines when searching listings. No matter the time of day, Idan was easy to reach and responsive to any and all of my questions! If he didn't have the answer immediately, he would find out and follow up.

Sandy I worked with this agent

Idan 5

We had the pleasure of working with Idan Elimeleh for our first apartment search in Manhattan. Idan was very timely/responsive in answering all of our questions and definitely made sure to cater to our many apartment needs. Very organized, diligent, and knowledgable broker. Kudos!

Neha I worked with this agent

Idan 5

Idan is a kind, trustful and helpful agent. He was always willing to patiently answer all my questions, with constant feedback, and was at my disposal to organize apartment visits. He was a great help in the stressful situation that can be finding the suitable apartment for you and I can therefore highly recommend him without any reservations.

Gisel I worked with this agent

Idan 5

Strongly recommend. Idan helped me find great deals last year as well as this year. He's always honest, considerate and hard-working. I will definitely reach out to Idan again next year for my apt search. Thanks!

Somin I worked with this agent

Idan 5

Idan is an extremely responsive, well-prepared and kind agent! My husband and I were very impressed by his professionalism and his knowledge of the areas and buildings that we went to see together. We didn't end up renting from Idan because we decided to stay in our apartment for another year, but we will be sure to contact him once we are ready to move.

Idan 5

Idan is awesome - he was prepared, found out exactly what I wanted and showed me all the options within 2-3 hours. I was dreading the renting experience in NYC, but Idan made things super simple and stress free. Ontop of this, he went above and beyond more than once as he took a couple of hours on his day off to do an additional viewing with me so that I could get measurements for furniture - he had no obligation to do this at all.

He is great to have conversations with and has an awesome sense of humor too. It was a pleasure to work with him and I will be recommending Idan to all my friends!

Martin I worked with this agent

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