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Maria reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vladimir was a dedicated broker that helped us find a great apartment in our budget. We only had 2 days to find our apartment in Manhattan and he walked us to all the destinations we were interested in to be able to make a smart offer. He was...read more »

Reanne reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

When I was finally ready to make the big move from Queens to Manhattan, Vladimir took the time to show me the neighborhoods I asked to see. I wanted very much to be downtown and I was just so impressed with his knowledge of the neighborhoods and...read more »

Julie reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

I was referred to Vladimir by a friend. He was very responsive and helpful with my criteria. Being new to New York, he was very patient with guiding me through the different options I had. He found a place for my roommates and I that fit our...read more »

Heather reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vladimir was very professional and helpful. He showed us several places in the city and found us an AMAZING place in Long Island City. I would highly recommend using his services. 05/09/2014

Albert reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

The first I heard about Vladimir was a little over three years ago. He found an apartment for a couple friends of mine and they gave him a lot of praise. I didn't need to find a new apartment until recently, which was when I finally reached out to...read more »

Alice reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

We worked with Vladimir Kulagin as our Buyer''s Agent to find an apartment to purchase in NYC. He was a great man for the job - very responsive and professional. He dealt effectively with difficult counterparties, was always on task, always with a...read more »

John reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vlad, In the game of NYC Realty, you are a first ballot hall of famer and your jersey will one day hang in the rafters of Bulgaria. This poem is a gift and I want you to keep it" "I once had a broker named bad Vlad Times with him were happy and...read more »

Alex reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vlad, You are the brother I never had. I would take a bullet in the arm Or leg for you. There are less than 3200 wild tigers in the world, and you are one of them. You are welcome at PH9 365 days a year! July 15th, 2012

John reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vlad, You are a God living among mere mortals. I''d follow you to the gates of Avalon. If I know anyone living in NYC, you are the first and only real estate I''d recommend! John, July 15, 2012

Alexi reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

“Vladimir Kulagin was absolutely wonderful! Both my roommate and I were looking to move into the city from other areas. We knew the area we wanted to live in, and the price we were willing to pay, but expected very little in terms of what we would...read more »

Nikita reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

I met Vladimir when looking for an apartment to rent in Manhattan.In our first meeting, Vladimir was extremely prepared and showed us exactly the apartments that met our criteria and budget.We were able to finalize a place at the end of the same...read more »

Jeane reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vladimir is very easy to work with and flexible. He made it his mission to find us the best apartment that fit our criteria. He listened to our needs and wants and it was no wonder that it only took us one day to find an apartment. He was with us...read more »

Blair reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vladimir was excellent in getting us a great price on our apartment. He was very professional, and he helped us get two months free and free amenities. He also kept in constant contact with us during the process of getting approved and moving in....read more »

Jessica reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vladimir was hands-down the most pleasant and helpful broker we have ever worked with after living in Manhattan for three years and dealing with many different real estate companies. His patience, thoroughness and great personality all helped to...read more »

Susan reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vladimir is an extremely helpful, patient and kind broker. He dosn''t pressure you to look at places you do not want to see, nor does he try to tell you "nothing else is out there" like so many others will. Once he knows that you like he sticks...read more »

Liz reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

To Whom It May Concern, My roommates and I contacted Vladimir two months before we were looking to move in. He was more than willing to show us apartments so that we were exposed to as many buildings as possible. We are now moved in and settled...read more »

Lauryn reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

My roommates and I were looking to move in a short amount of time on a strict budget. Vladimir understood our needs, and in one weekend showed us a variety of wonderful options! He was patient while we explored other options and in the end his...read more »

Laura&Dustin reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

We highly recommend Vladimir Kulagin. For about three months, he assisted us in finding a perfect rental apartment. He listened carefully to our priorities, he set up tons of appointments with a wide range of apartments and rental prices according...read more »

Angela reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Hi Vladimir, You have been very helpful in our search process - Shelby and I understand and really appreciate your input. The Monterey truly gave off great vibes to her, I and both sets of our parents. My mom even liked it after hearing about it...read more »

Theresa reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

Vladimir knows New York City very well, which was extremely helpful to someone who is fairly new to the city like me. He showed me only apartments within my price range and really listened to what I was looking for. He also gives his honest...read more »

Lee-Ann reviewed Vladimir Kulagin

To Whom It May Concern, It has been a month since we moved in to our new apartment downtown. This letter is to thank Vladimir Kulagin for his tireless efforts in finding us the right apartment that met all of our expectations and requirements....read more »

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Carlos reviewed Jonathan D'silva

Very Proffessional, quick and easy application process. By far one of the nicest agents I've worked with

Brian reviewed Amit Golriz

Amit is a true professional. I havenever met someone who is more prepared, knowledgeable about the market, and determined to make the client happy. It was an absolute pleasure working with Amit and I will recommend Caliber to all my friends who...read more »

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Nikolay reviewed Kosta Blyznakov

please review your recent experience

B. reviewed Carole Hu

Carole is an excellent agent! We couldn't be happier with her. We are so excited with our new apartment and found a new friend in Carole. She is not only offered an incredible service, she also helped with a lot of decoration tips. She is so...read more »

Tiffanie reviewed Lior Levy

best agent I've ever worked with. Highly knowledgable, extremely professional Lior made my apartment search in nyc seem easy and enjoyable. I would never ever work with any other broker but Lior

Anthony reviewed Lior Levy

After a couple of week of looking for a 1 bedroom in Murray Hill with no luck a friend suggested we contact Lior, he rented through him and had a good experience. My fiance and I then met with Lior and he spent the entire day with us, after...read more »

Oscar reviewed Oscar Riccardi

I was looking for a month and finally found a new apartment through Oscar, he stays on top of availability and informed me immediately

Dorian reviewed Celine Thornton

Celine was highly professional, energetic, thorough, kind, responsive, helpful and went the extra mile in representing me and my family's interests. In all of those areas, she was at the highest end of any real estate agent I've deal with (about a...read more »

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Nancy reviewed Jonathan Iousupov

I am not one to typically write reviews. I made an exception this time because I thought this agent really deserves for people to be aware of his honesty, integrity and dedication. Jonathan helped me find an apartment to purchase about two years...read more »

David reviewed David Nachmany

Was very understanding of what I need and pulled through. I plan to work with him again in the years to come.

Carol reviewed Olena Tsyganova

I was looking for an apartment for couple of months. My friend recommended me HL Residential. I found several listings I might have been interested and contacted Olena. I also read reviews to be sure I am in good hands and the agent comes for an...read more »

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Timothy reviewed Lucas Dallavalle

Lucas was very helpful during the whole process of closing on my home. The home I purchased was the dream house I was looking for. Lucas made sure that we were able to close and everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend Lucas to any...read more »

Anthony reviewed Lior Levy

After a couple of week of looking for a 1 bedroom in Murray Hill with no luck a friend suggested we contact Lior, he rented through him and had a good experience. My fiance and I then met with Lior and he spent the entire day with us, after...read more »

JOHN reviewed Giovanni Santana

I have been working with agents in NYC for over a decade, and I can honestly say that Giovanni was the best agent I ever worked with! He was not only personable and enthusiastic, but was also a very good listener, patient and empathetic to what I...read more »

Anthony reviewed Lior Levy

After a couple of week of looking for a 1 bedroom in Murray Hill with no luck a friend suggested we contact Lior, he rented through him and had a good experience. My fiance and I then met with Lior and he spent the entire day with us, after...read more »

Steve reviewed Lior Levy

This guy is the king of rentals in Manhattan, we were so lucky to work with Lior, he seems to know every nook and cranny in the city, has access to all of the listings + lots of hidden gems and off market stuff. super professional with 10 years...read more »

Samuel reviewed Destination Real Estate

They provide a lot of useful information up front via their website. This helps to avoid wasting your time as opposed to other place who just post up bogus pictures and useless descriptions.

Aaron reviewed Abraham Goldman

Abraham is one of our best Agents and is a pleasure working with!

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SAMSON reviewed Scheffee Wilson

SHE WAS GREAT, WONDERFUL and has great knowledge of BROOKLYN!

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Moe reviewed Moe Tawil

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Richard reviewed Heatherwood Office

Please tell my father Samuel Gomez that his son Richard Gomez in Ithaca wishes him and the rest of m my family a Merry Chrismas and a very happy new years, same to you as well Mrs.heatherwood. Thanks for relating the message. My phone is down at...read more »

Read reviewed Chad Walters

Chad was an absolute pleasure to work with. I've rented 5 apartments over the years in NYC and it's always a pain dealing with agents who are quick to push bad apartments on you with a "you're not gonna find anything better." Chad listened to what...read more »

adam reviewed Emily Sarrat

Emilys level of professionalism was nothing short of astonishing. I am a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey, so when i was moving into the city my standards for who was going to help me was very high. I spoke with and even met 5 different...read more »

Yva reviewed Sole Sheibar

I am an International graduate student moving to NYC for the first time from Southeast Asia. I was put in contact with Sole through a friend who had previously worked with her and highly recommended her. With this being my first time in the city I...read more »

Michael reviewed Sole Sheibar

Sole was great at walking my roommate and I through the apartment hunt process for our first time living in New York. She showed us the variety of places we were looking for and walked us through each of our options very thoroughly. We´re both...read more »

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An Apartable User reviewed Lori Gasior

Lori Gasior has horrible customer service, completely unprofessional unwilling to listen to what you have to say, she is not meant for a job dealing with people. I met all the requirements for the apartment but her attitude towards my husband and...read more »

Eliza reviewed David Torres

David is absolutely the best! I was very nervous about the entire application process and moving into NYC from Long Island, but he was able to answer all of my questions and keep me calm. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the...read more »

Qing reviewed Sean McKenzie

Sean is a very nice guy. He showed us several apartments in town and send me updates a few times a week. It makes me feel like he is really working and thinking for us. He helped us to negotiate move-in dates, pet fees, etc. It is a good...read more »

Qing reviewed Desmond Eaddy

Desmond is pretty nice to work with.  He responses my text message quickly and understand what I want.  He always arrive early to wait for us and think for us.  We got a lovely home with his help.