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Wallace da Silveira
101 E 116 St Apt 2 G, NYC, NY, 10029, Phone number: (347) 821-9334 or Email: [email protected]
Objective: A position as an HVAC/R and Facility Technician, as well as electrical and plumber maintenance Building Superintendent.
TCI College of Technology NYC,NY
Associates Degree in occupational studies HVAC/R ( Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
- Hvac Control Systems.
- Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System.
- Heating and Cooling Controls Laboratory.
- Safety Code Basis.
Electrical: Install piping for electrical, receptacles, switches. light fixtures.
Plumbing: Replace pipes, as such as, copper pipes for incoming clean water and gas lines, repair any leak. Soldering for copper pipes and brase for refrigersting and Air Conditioned, Boiler maintenance.
(heting, Ventilation, Air Condition and Refrigeration)
On progress Technical College TCI for HVAV/R
Microsoft, Excel, Autocad.
Construction walls, sheetroock, bathrooms.
Air Flow Sensors, Air Velocity Meters, Milliamp/Microamp Meters, Hot wire anemometers, Carbon Nonoxide Detectors, Caulking Equipment, Drill Press, Combustible Gas Leak Detectors, Acetileno Torch, Refrigerant Leak Detectors, Handheld Thermometers, Infra Red Thermometers, Oxigen Testers, Pipe Benders, Pipe Cutters, Portable Drills, Flaring Tools, Circular Saws, Jig Saws, Oil Gums, Different Pressure Gauge, Refrigerant Pressure Meters, Wet Bulb/Dew Point Meters, Flared Tip/Philips Screwdraves, Duck Knives, Carbon Dioxide CO2 Testers, Pipe Clamp Thermocouple, Electric Current AC Line Splitters, Watt Transducers, Voltmeters, Hvac/R Clampmeters, Refrigerant Vacuum Pump, Recovery Refrigerant Machine, Brazing Equipment, Welding Hoods, etc.
FDNY - Refrigeration Engineer - RMO
Enviromental Protection Agency - EPA - Universal
Occupational Safety and Health - OSHA - 10 Hr
Low Pressure Boiler - P-99
Operate Air Compressions - A-35
Torch Use Flammable Gases - G-60
Sprinkler System - S-12
Citywide Standpipe System - S-13
Standpipe for Multi-zone - S-14
Fire Safety Director - F-58
NYS Security Guard
Professional Driver License "A"
Carpentry/Paint and Construction Family Business; Juiz de Fora -MG - Brazil 01/1980 to 06/1986.
AHCS (Building Superintendent)
Performed electrical/plumbing repair, took care of leaks, maintenance of Boiler; Installed pipe for gas and water; Cleaning all premisses; Supervisor Vendors.
- Carnegie Hall Tower, 152 W 57 St NYC ( FSD/Security) 2017 to Present
- Jasco Management, NJ (Building Superintendent) 2016 to 2017
- Quality Protection Services, NY (FSD/Security) 2016 to Present
- Sentinell Security Group, NY (FSD/Security) 2016 to 2016
- AHCS, NY (Building Superintendent ) 2015 to 2016
- Health Hospital Corp of NYC (Hosp Police) 2014 to 2015
- Fire Department of New York ( Building Inspector) 2012 to 2014
- 95 Madison Corp, NY ( FSD/Secuiry) 2010 to 2012
- YMCA Greater New York, NY (FSD/Securiy) 2009 to 2010
- Samco Properties, NY ( FSD/Security) 2001 to 2007
References will be provided upon request.

ABC Properties 3

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