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Top Producing agent since 2008!

Vladimir prides himself on truly listening to his clients and understanding their needs. He is always keen on meeting and talking with people from every walk of life. With his winning personality, wit and style, he has built lasting friendships with many of his customers. Always resourceful, with strong intuition and discretion, he can comprehend the client’s needs, find them exactly what they are looking for and help them make the best decision possible. Vladimir is always on call for any questions and concerns.

“I love to help people, I just feel good about helping others and seeing a smile makes it all worth it”.

A background in Interior Design and Hotel Management has provided Vladimir with a combination of skills and knowledge to always be ahead of the game. The energy he brings combined with customer service skills from years in the Hospitality Industry provides an enjoyable experience. Vladimir will give you valuable insight into all aspects of your search for the right home and insure that your move goes swiftly and trouble free.

“I will work efficiently and effectively with you to make the process as smooth and successful as possible. My goal is to make the entire process of your unique situation the most comfortable and stress free that I can”.

Vladimir decided New York City was the place to be and found a mentor in the world of Real Estate. He is fully motivated by this exciting industry providing unlimited success in a business that’s creative, sales-based and just altogether incredibly rewarding.

“I always wanted to find a way to learn, grow, and become a better person”

There is no challenge too large and Vladimir tackles everything with conviction and a smile!

Vladimir looks forward to helping you find your ultimate happiness at home!

Reviews of Vladimir Kulagin

Have you worked with or found an apartment through Vladimir? Tell us about your experience.

Vladimir 3

vladimir was misleading and unprofessional. we did not have a good experience with him, we ended up telling him we did not want to work with him as he wasted his time and ours. i wouldn't recommend him.

eileen I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir was a sheer pleasure to work with! He knew exactly what type of apartments we were looking for, was very punctual, and had access/connections to what felt like every apartment in NYC. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment or house in the area.


Sara I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Hands down one of the best agent's I've ever worked with. Really enjoyed his relaxed yet methodical and efficient approach to real estate. Highly recommend!


Faizan I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

I had great experience with Vladimir. I am an international student, it was very hard for me to find a decent apartment with a reasonable price. He has great knowledge about apartments in Downtown as well as connections with landlords. He knows which apartment would fit our needs best. At the end, he was able to find a perfect home for me within my budget.


Prem I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir was an excellent real estate agent. He took us (mi roommate and I) to several apartment sin different places, showing great knowledge of the area, and always looking for the best deals for us.


Jose I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

He was very helpful and it was clear that he had a great relationship with many supers in the area. His broker fee was reasonable and he takes care of his customers.


Ngozi I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir was very friendly and nice, he tried his best to find apartments that met my needs. He was patient and helpful! We walked around a lot and I was glad that I finally settled down on an apartment that Vladimir showed me! Many other agents were not as helpful and they did not really listen to my requirements, but Vladimir did all that. I would really recommend him because he is an agent who listens to your needs and tries to meet your requirements. It's promising that you can find an ideal home working with Vladimir!


Kasia I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Great experience working with Vlad. Very patient, very attentive, and sensitive to demands of the client. In our rental experience, Vlad was extremely accommodating as we were looking to rent during the winter months in NYC. Regardless of the inclement weather, Vlad came out each time we needed him to show us an apartment. He has a great attitude and I would not hesitate to work with him again.


Dustin I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

He was very patience and very nice...a rarity among NYC brokers. I just wish he were able to get us a lower rate.

I would recommend him if you want to have a very pleasant experience and you aren't feeling like you're getting ripped off.


Brian I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Have been a client of Vladimir twice and can't say enough about how hard he works to ensure a great experience all around. Very knowledgeable of the NYC real estate market.


Taylor I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vlad was very helpful in finding me a new apartment. He was very responsive, no BS like many other brokers. Won't try to squeeze you into paying higher broker fees and is honest about buildings that pay him or cover his broker fee.


Michael I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Since moving to New York, Vladimir has helped me find both of my rental apartments (one in midtown and one in west village). He is a pleasure to work with and greatly simplifies the rental search process. In both of our experiences with Vladimir in 2012 and 2014, he was constantly engaged and extremely responsive with updates on our targeted apartments. Vladimir knows the market well and immediately provides information on new listings. During our first process, we went through multiple agents before finding Vladimir and he was clearly the best. When looking for a new apartment this year, we returned to Vladimir in order to work with a professional and trustworthy agent. I highly recommend Vladimir to anyone in need of rental expertise.


Kyle I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir was a dedicated broker that helped us find a great apartment in our budget. We only had 2 days to find our apartment in Manhattan and he walked us to all the destinations we were interested in to be able to make a smart offer. He was honest and friendly. I highly recommend him if you need help finding an apartment in NYC.


Maria I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

When I was finally ready to make the big move from Queens to Manhattan, Vladimir took the time to show me the neighborhoods I asked to see. I wanted very much to be downtown and I was just so impressed with his knowledge of the neighborhoods and buildings. From being in the business for so long, he had amazing relationships that helped my search even more. I finally narrowed it down to Battery Park City, and Vladimir guided me through the rental process seamlessly. He made looking for an apartment which I thought would be extremely stressful - exciting, productive and successful. I hope to work with him again and cannot recommend him enough!


Reanne I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

I was referred to Vladimir by a friend. He was very responsive and helpful with my criteria. Being new to New York, he was very patient with guiding me through the different options I had. He found a place for my roommates and I that fit our budget and criteria of location. Would definitely work with him again in the future.


Julie I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir was very professional and helpful. He showed us several places in the city and found us an AMAZING place in Long Island City. I would highly recommend using his services.


Heather I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

The first I heard about Vladimir was a little over three years ago. He found an apartment for a couple friends of mine and they gave him a lot of praise. I didn't need to find a new apartment until recently, which was when I finally reached out to Vladimir.

I spoke to Vladimir on a Thursday through the phone, which was when I told him my budget, desired neighborhoods, and that I was only interested in no-fee apartments. I then met with Vladimir that Saturday, and he had plenty of apartments to show me. Moreover, he didn't try to push me to sign an apartment with rent higher than my budget, the way some other brokers tend to do. By the end of the day, I had found the perfect new apartment.

Vladimir kept the application process very simple and manageable. He asked for documents that the landlord required one or two at a time only, so that I wouldn't feel overburdened. He is also very mobile and responds very quickly to email, which makes it very easy to maintain contact with him throughout the day. He was also very responsive and helpful to any worries I had about not being approved for the apartment.

Needless to say, I was approved for the apartment by Thursday (exactly 1 week after I spoke to Vladimir on the phone) and signed the lease later that week. I just moved in to my new apartment, and I love it.

Vladimir is an amazing broker and comes highly recommended. A lot of my out-of-town friends are slowly trickling in to NYC and I know to which broker I'll be referring each and every single one of them.

P.S. Congrats, again, on your newborn!


Albert I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

We worked with Vladimir Kulagin as our Buyer''s Agent to find an apartment to purchase in NYC. He was a great man for the job - very responsive and professional. He dealt effectively with difficult counterparties, was always on task, always with a smile. We had a few deals fall apart but he never gave up and quickly found the next opportunity. As a result, we found exactly what we wanted, down to the last detail. Excellent work, Vladimir, thank you!

September 30, 2013

Alice I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vlad, In the game of NYC Realty, you are a first ballot hall of famer and your jersey will one day hang in the rafters of Bulgaria. This poem is a gift and I want you to keep it" "I once had a broker named bad Vlad Times with him were happy and sad. We started on the east, After we enjoyed a McDonald''s feast, And close comrades we became at once. After Murray Hill showed us no love, Vlad looked to the heavens above. Told the agents to stop scheming, To keep on believing, And to start our journey out west. At onset there was resistance from the team. Vlad insisted the west was our dream, Gyms and doormen, renovations and more, The ultimate spot to bring back my whores. After finding a spot on 56th, Vlad tells me our offer doesn't exist. More scheming he said, But don''t hang your head, We''ll find your pimp palace this week. At conclusion of apartment crisis 2012, We continued our search in the kitchen of hells. One place was all it took, Rather gave it a second look, And we decided to finally settle down. Our long journey had ended, A Bulgarian we friended, And we found a place to call home, But at the end of the day, I wouldn't have had it any other way, In our triumphant battle of choosing a place to stay. All the time spent doodling, Don''t know who the landlords thought they were fooling, Because we were riding with the best, Vladimir Kulagin.

July 15th, 2012

John I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vlad, You are the brother I never had. I would take a bullet in the arm Or leg for you. There are less than 3200 wild tigers in the world, and you are one of them. You are welcome at PH9 365 days a year!

July 15th, 2012

Alex I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vlad, You are a God living among mere mortals. I''d follow you to the gates of Avalon. If I know anyone living in NYC, you are the first and only real estate I''d recommend!

July 15, 2012

John I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

“Vladimir Kulagin was absolutely wonderful! Both my roommate and I were looking to move into the city from other areas. We knew the area we wanted to live in, and the price we were willing to pay, but expected very little in terms of what we would find. Vladimir was in constant contact with us from the beginning of our search and was very assuring that we wouldn''t necessarily have to lower our standards. The very first apartment he showed us was the one we moved into -- the building was way more luxurious than we were expecting and the rent was within our budget! Vladimir was dedicated to helping us settle on this apartment we wanted, and was in constant dialogue with us throughout the application process. He made himself available to us at all hours of the day and night to answer questions and ensure that we were on the right track. His extensive knowledge of the NYC housing market combined with his honest and friendly demeanor made us extremely comfortable and confident that we were settling on the best choice available. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or rent in the city.”

February 02, 2012

Alexi I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

I met Vladimir when looking for an apartment to rent in Manhattan.In our first meeting, Vladimir was extremely prepared and showed us exactly the apartments that met our criteria and budget.We were able to finalize a place at the end of the same day. Vladimir’s professionalism and knowledge of the Manhattan rental/ purchase market is incomparable, which is why I sought his help when I was ready to buy a condo.Once again Vladimir did not disappoint and we were able to finalize a place within days of our search.Both of my experiences with Vladimir have been exceptional and I would recommend his expertise to anyone.

May 09, 2011

Nikita I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir is very easy to work with and flexible. He made it his mission to find us the best apartment that fit our criteria. He listened to our needs and wants and it was no wonder that it only took us one day to find an apartment. He was with us until the end answering our every question. My sister and I are not too familiar with NYC or apartment searching and Vladimir was very patient with us, always smiling and making us feel relaxed and comfortable. Even after we signed the lease he was in contact with us making sure our questions were answered and if we needed any help with anything. We would ABSOLUTELY recommend Vladimir because of his knowledge and fun personality! :-) We appreciate everything he did for us and our dream of living in NYC is coming true because of him!

March 04, 2010

Jeane I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir was excellent in getting us a great price on our apartment. He was very professional, and he helped us get two months free and free amenities. He also kept in constant contact with us during the process of getting approved and moving in. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in New York. Thanks again for everything!

January 15, 2010

Blair I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir was hands-down the most pleasant and helpful broker we have ever worked with after living in Manhattan for three years and dealing with many different real estate companies. His patience, thoroughness and great personality all helped to make the inherently difficult process of finding an apartment a lot easier to take. Vladimir listened to our needs and worked hard to find apartments that fit what we were looking for within our budget. We highly recommend Vladimir for all of your residential needs!

August 04, 2009

Jessica I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir is an extremely helpful, patient and kind broker. He dosn''t pressure you to look at places you do not want to see, nor does he try to tell you "nothing else is out there" like so many others will. Once he knows that you like he sticks with your desires, and shows you nothing less than Par. Overall, GREAT broker! Thank you!

July 01, 2009

Susan I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

To Whom It May Concern, My roommates and I contacted Vladimir two months before we were looking to move in. He was more than willing to show us apartments so that we were exposed to as many buildings as possible. We are now moved in and settled and more than happy in our new home. We definitely would not be in the apartment we are in if it was not for Vladimir. He is patient, knows the areas of the city well and will easily work with your schedule. I highly recommend him if you are looking to find a great apartment in NYC! Hope all is well and thanks again for everything!

May 24, 2009

Liz I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

My roommates and I were looking to move in a short amount of time on a strict budget. Vladimir understood our needs, and in one weekend showed us a variety of wonderful options! He was patient while we explored other options and in the end his apartments wound up being the best! Not only does he know what’s on the market but he really makes his customers feel at ease throughout the entire process. Being in a service industry it was commendable how fast he responded to any questions or concerns I had (usually responding within the hour). Thank you so much Vlad we could not have done this without you and I would certainly recommend you to anyone in need of an apartment! If I ever move you will be the first to hear about it!

February 18, 2009

Lauryn I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

We highly recommend Vladimir Kulagin. For about three months, he assisted us in finding a perfect rental apartment. He listened carefully to our priorities, he set up tons of appointments with a wide range of apartments and rental prices according to our (sometimes crazy) schedules, and most importantly, he did not push us in any one direction. He is friendly and a pleasure to work with; he gave input when we asked for it but let us decide for ourselves what would work and what would not. He did not display any annoyance at our pickiness, and he responded promptly to each and every request/question we had. We will certainly recommend Vladimir to all of our friends.

Laura and Dustin,
February 11, 2009

Laura&Dustin I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Hi Vladimir, You have been very helpful in our search process - Shelby and I understand and really appreciate your input. The Monterey truly gave off great vibes to her, I and both sets of our parents. My mom even liked it after hearing about it on the phone. A lot times, the "right" choice is to give in to how we feel. So, we easily decided that we longer need to "look" after finding a home that speaks to us. Shelby and I have been best friends for over ten years now, so we are very excited to continue our friendship, and we are confident that overtime, our friendly will deepen through this experience. I wish the best on all your future endeavors - we are very firm believers that doing business in a honest, efficient and fair manner is the only way to ensure long-term success no matter what you do. Thanks again!

February 04, 2009

Angela I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

Vladimir knows New York City very well, which was extremely helpful to someone who is fairly new to the city like me. He showed me only apartments within my price range and really listened to what I was looking for. He also gives his honest opinion if asked. He’s laid-back, friendly and patient despite the somewhat chaotic process of looking for apartments. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in the city!

February 04, 2009

Theresa I worked with this agent

Vladimir 5

To Whom It May Concern,
It has been a month since we moved in to our new apartment downtown. This letter is to thank Vladimir Kulagin for his tireless efforts in finding us the right apartment that met all of our expectations and requirements. Vladimir showed me many apartments, and did not give up when none of those quite met our requirements. He was also very professional, very polite, and patient. And, he was also more than willing to show me apartments on the rather tight viewing time frames I gave him! Previous to meeting with Vladimir, I had talked to quite a few Sales associates, none of which tried to help in finding us the right apartment (most didn't even bother returning phone calls at all). So, I would gladly recommend Vladimir to anyone looking for their perfect apartment. He will help right to the very end....

September 19, 2008

Lee-Ann I worked with this agent

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